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Long Jon Lev

About Long Jon Lev:

Lead by the thoughtful, poignant lyrics and hummable melodies of Canadian songsmith Jonathan FergusonLong Jon Lev features an ever-changing cast of musicians playing a wide variety of instruments. Thanks to a unique revolving door membership policy, each Long Jon Lev show has the potential to be anything in scale, from a quiet acoustic set to a stand-in-the-aisles, shout-to-the-skies rock show.

They have only one constant: Long Jon Lev plays smart, catchy folk-rock and roots-pop music that will charm its way into your heart, turn on your brain, and tug at your soul.

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About "Telltale Heart":

TELLTALE HEART is a character-driven collection of songs raw with emotion, passion and wonder, written in Calgary-born Jonathan Ferguson's signature cinematic style, last found on his solo record "Sweeter After Difficulties". An ode to the heart, the songs on this album deal with familiar things such as heartbreak and doubt, but also to be found are much more nuanced tales of guilt, of sticking by someone in the tough times, of long past lives and the first taste of a hard earned freedom. 

Infused with memorable hooks, saturated with mysterious, deep lyrics that will have you thinking for days, and drenched in melodic surprise, TELLTALE HEART never lets up and it never lets go. The eleven songs contained within will linger long after the last note rings out, like new old friends for your heart, mind, and soul.

Meet your new old friends. Meet LONG JON LEV and the album on their sleeves, TELLTALE HEART.

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